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From making the decision to reach out to our team at Headline Solar, being presented a savings proposal, scheduling and completing your install and having your system turned on; we guarantee to make everything a breeze for you.

Our foundation is based upon being a customer centric company and that is exactly who we are.

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Our mission is to guide you, the homeowner, through a simple process of understanding the benefits of solar, how you'll take control of your energy to a clean, on-time installation.

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Every big plan starts with a big dream. But, in your case, we make it a reality. Our team will draft up a concept of how your house will look with solar panels so there are no surprises.

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From the initial meeting to months after your installation, we’ll keep you updated and check-in every step of the way to make sure you have everything you need.

How Solar Panels Work

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Solar panels are installed on your roof and use the sun's rays to create energy. That energy is then sent into a Solar Inverter.

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The type of energy created by solar panels is called Direct Current, or DC. A Solar Inverter takes that DC energy and turns it into the energy your home can use, which is called Alternating Current, or AC.

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The AC energy the Solar Inverter created is then sent to your home's main Electric Panel. The energy is then sent into your home and powers all of your lights, appliances and anything plugged into an electrical outlet.

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A Solar Power Meter keeps track of the energy needed to run your home. When you generate more power than you need, that excess power is sent back into the Energy Grid to use at a later time.

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The Energy Grid is the traditional power delivery system for your home. Excess power you create from your Solar Panels is stored here and then sent back to your home when you need it, such as at night time or during low sunlight times of the year.


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I was interested in going solar for cost-saving and environmental reasons but thought it wasn't possible on our roof, but Headline Solar did an analysis and found that it would cover almost 100% of our overall electric usage. They made the process very clear and easy, and within a few months we were connected to the grid and using solar!

~ Cynthia Mathews

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I would like to thank team at Headline Solar for their hard work and dedication on our solar panels. From beginning to end,  everything ran smooth and easy. They are literally one phone call away. I highly recommend them if you are going solar.

~ Jose Murillo

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