Best Solar Panels for Home [SETUP Details]

When you decide to shift from the conventional electricity supply to the renewable energy source that has been around since the world was born, there can be many questions regarding the right solar panels and how to enhance production by making the right choice.

What are the best solar panels for homes? Do you need fewer solar panels or more? How much electricity will be produced? All these questions have to be addressed before you decide on the final price and payment methods!

The advent of solar energy for homes and offices is a new concept even though we have been aware of solar energy generation and its uses in so many things. If you decide to shift your home to solar renewable energy, the initial steps include knowledge of solar panels, and which ones will be most beneficial for your home. 

Which solar panels are most suited for homes?

The most common types of domestic solar panels used in homes are mono and polycrystalline panels. Another option for home users is thin-film solar panels. These three types of panels are most common due to various reasons and you can explore all of them here.

Monocrystalline panels

These solar panels are made with one layer of silicon and they are most effective. These panels are available in black color, which is known for its light absorbing qualities. The material and the thin layering increase efficiency of these panels, however, they are more expensive due to the measured and specific construction and high-quality material. 

Moreover, the efficiency of these panels as most absorbent and productive also makes them costly. 

While the mono panels are efficient and do not take up a lot of space, their price makes them a difficult choice for many consumers who worry about their budget. 

Another reason that these panels are not the first choice for many conscious customers is that the production of these solar cells leads to a lot of wastage. When the uniform sizes are created, a lot of silicon is cut off and that goes to waste. 

Polycrystalline panels

Poly panels are more economical and a little lower in efficiency because they are made by melting several silicon layers together. These square panels are efficient but not as much as the mono panels. Since these panels are easily produced, the price is more reasonable and therefore, these kinds of panels are more popular in the market. 

The efficiency is lower than poly panels, but even so, these panels work well for small setups like homes and small offices. However, these panels are not as compact as the mono panels and may occupy more space. In a nutshell, each panel is lower in efficiency and the panel is also bigger, which means that if you install these panels, the space should be more. 

Thin-film solar panels

These panels are the most economical of the lot and their efficiency is not as high as the mono or poly either. The material used for the construction of these panels is much lesser than the other two. Moreover, the thin film is a little weaker than the mono and polycrystalline panels, however, they still work for smaller setups. 

Headline Solar panels 

Headline Solar provides the best quality solar panels for all commercial and residential consumers. We aim to provide an economical, yet the efficient system for your home. When you are getting the estimate for the solar panel installation, be sure to pick the panels that you would want to know about, and we will be happy to oblige.

How does all this become economical? We offer easy installment plans, and consumers can also turn to financial institutes and banks that encourage people to turn to solar energy and provide easy payment plans to cover the cost of these panels. You can choose between the various types of panels that we offer, and the selection will always be according to your consumption, space, and budget. 

Factors to consider when you are getting solar panel setup for homes

When residential consumers are looking for a decent plan to convert to solar energy, they must keep three things in mind. We mentioned earlier that Headline Solar focuses on budget, the efficiency of panels, and the space that you have for the installation. These three things are the main factors that will determine the best solar panels for your home. 

• Budget

If you opt for monocrystalline panels, they are efficient and occupy less space but there are not economical! Our customers who require lesser power output can opt for other types of panels if these do not suit their budget. However, we always tell consumers to get an estimate for all kinds of solar panels to see how much ease they can have from our exclusive easy installment plan and the government’s rebates. 

• Space

If you have less space on the roof, then you will need a compact solar setup, which is possible with monocrystalline, or polycrystalline panels only. While the former occupies the least space, the poly variant is also useful for those who have limited space. The thin-layer solar panels from Headline Solar are also more compact than other brands, but if the space restriction is crucial, we have the best options in store! 

• Power consumption

If you require more energy than an average household, you will need to install more solar panels. However, if you have less space too, then what can be done? We have financial solutions for all those looking for economic conditions so even if you need more energy, and need compact monocrystalline panels to fit in the limited space, Headline Solar has solutions for all situations. 

These factors will help you narrow down the prerequisites and then you can leave the rest to us. We know how to reduce the burden, install in less time and even ensure that the pricing is not a burden so that you can enjoy the shift, without any worries about payments and after-sales services such as maintenance and renewals. 

To get your solar panels in Texas or Illinois, call us today!

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