Headline Solar Debuts Premium "Flagship" Panel

SCHAUMBURG, Ill., March 18, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Headline Solar, one of Illinois' fastest growing solar panel installation companies, is raising the standard for rooftop power generation. The company will now predominantly feature REC's Alpha Series panels as its flagship product, which won the prestigious peer-reviewed Intersolar Award in 2020. The industry-leading technology generates 20% more power than conventional panels and has a 92% production guarantee up to 25 years after installation.

"These premium panels are our new baseline," said Jared McKenzie, CEO of Headline Solar. "Our mission is to help home and business owners maximize financial savings from going solar and the Alpha Series is indisputably the best panel available to do that so that is what we are going to lead with: a premium panel at a standard cost."

Though long recognized as "Europe's most trusted solar brand," the majority of REC's solar panels are sold in the United States and they have been one of the top two solar panel providers in sun-saturated Arizona for the last four years. The innovative Alpha Series is a 60-cell panel with anti-reflective glass and has one of the lowest warranty claim rates in the industry.

"These panels are more powerful, more efficient, more durable and last longer," said McKenzie. "Our customers want the most bang for their buck and want to generate as much clean energy as possible. This is what these panels do and that's why they have a 25-year warranty on labor, parts and performance."

On an annual basis a 6kW Alpha Series installation cuts CO2 emissions with the equivalency of driving a car for 12,500 miles, charging a mobile phone 650,000 times, planting and growing 84 trees for 10 years, or sequestering as much carbon as a 6-acre forest.

About Headline Solar

Founded in 2018, Headline Solar is Illinois' fastest growing solar power company and expanded its services to Texas in 2021. Headline Solar provides comprehensive installation and financing services to help home and business owners produce their own energy with renewable solar energy systems, while lowering carbon footprints and saving money.

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