How does solar panel work at night?

Solar panels are the new life cells that everyone has discovered to fulfill their energy needs. How do solar panels work at night?

This question is probably the first one that comes to mind when users consider shifting to solar energy. Solar energy means energy from the sun, so quite a big part of the question is answered.

However, there should be complete knowledge of the subject before you make the big change of going off the grid. Get to know all about how solar energy is generated and how the cells work so that you understand the timings of energy generation and the reasons behind it too. 

How does a solar panel work?

The solar panel works by absorbing photoelectrons, or light cells, in layman's terms. These light particles are from the sun, and that is why you may have heard people say that the solar panel should face the sun directly. This positioning helps absorb maximum light.

However, there are no light particles at night; therefore, the energy generation in the solar panel cell will be zero. Solar panels cannot make electricity at night. 

So then, how do people benefit from a solar setup in their homes for electricity consumption at night? This is done because of the batteries attached to the solar panel. Before this confuses you further, read on to understand what the solar energy setup looks like and how it works. 

The solar panel setup 

Solar panels are big screens of solar cells mounted on a frame and set up in a particular direction to face the sun for maximum hours. The solar panels are attached to batteries that store the energy that is generated by these solar panels.

A converter or transformer is also used to convert DirectCurrent to the Alternating Current that we all use in homes and for all kinds of electrical appliances. 

These batteries work as a backup system when the solar panels stop generating electricity at night. This means that if you have set up the panels in a way that you get maximum sun exposure, the electricity production during the day will suffice for all the hours that the sun is not directly exposed to the panels. From sundown till dawn, electricity from the panels is negligible. 

The connection with the electricity grid also proves to be a good backup for nighttime, when the solar panels are off production.

Your electricity needs will be fulfilled from the main supply.If you think this does not offer any relaxation in your spending on your electricity bill, there is net metering that we still have to discuss!

Net Metering to ensure supply

If you are still worried about how the solar panel setup is going to help, you will be relieved to know that during the day, when your solar panel setup generates more electricity than is being used, the surplus goes to the grid that is linked with your home.

This allows consumers to get the reserved surplus back when the solar panels are resting due to no sunlight. Many consumers earn money through the net metering system, which transfers electricity from your panels to the grid.

All the effort that you put in today for your solar setup will return manifold when you begin to receive cuts in the electricity bill. 


How does solar panel work at night? This is the foremost question that many of our clients ask. However, the answer is simple, solar panels cannot generate electricity at night.

However, electricity production during light hours is enough for consumers to rely on the batteries to work even when the solar panels are not exposed to the sun. You need to have the best solar power setup to get the best results.

In case you need more electricity, the main grid supply will work. You’ll still be paying negligible bills because of the surplus the grid borrows from your solar setup. 

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