Solar energy increased in Illinois; green energy lowers cost

According to Headline Solar, Illinois is ranked 17th in the nation for solar power. That is a dramatic growth from 2018, when Illinois ranked 28th.

Solar energy can lower your electric bill, even if you do not produce all of the energy you need.

Headline Solar installs solar panels on homes and businesses

"Our mission is to help home and business owners maximize financial savings from going solar," said Jared McKenzie, CEO of Headline Solar.

The company started in 2018 in Illinois and expanded its services to Texas this year

"We are committed to helping people take advantage of solar and we're excited about our expansion into Texas," said McKenzie. "There is a lot at stake in the energy debate and Headline Solar has always been an advocate for renewable resources."

Solar power also helps prevent pollution, which is good news for Illinois residents who live near Chicago's air quality-related hotspots.

The company offers free consultations so interested customers can learn more about their options. Customers can use this service to get answers from experts on whether or not going solar makes sense financially, environmentally, and practically speaking.

Watch the ABC interview linked below.

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