Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any upfront out-of-pocket costs?

With Headline Solar, there are zero upfront purchase & installation costs. Contact us to discuss your options for going solar.

Do I have to own my home in order to have solar panels installed?

Yes, you do need to be the owner of your residence to have a solar panel system installed.

Will the solar panels damage my roof?

No, the solar panel frame is mounted into the roof studs with bolts and anchors, but our installation team takes great care during installation to prevent any damage to your roof. We also offer a 10 yr. workmanship and 10 yr. roof penetration warranty.

Can I finance my solar panel system?

Please contact us directly to speak with an energy specialist to discuss financing options.

Will my monthly electric bill be lower than it is now?

Yes, solar energy is much more efficient and can also generate excess energy that is paid back to you in energy credits.

Does the solar panel system also heat my water?

No, our solar panel systems generate electricity to power your home for use in your lights, appliances, etc. Most water heaters use natural gas to operate and heat your home's water supply.

What happens to my solar panel system if I sell my home?

You can either pay off the solar panel system when you sell your house, or you can transfer it to the new homeowner. If your solar panel system is financed, transferring of the loan is subject to the lender’s terms of conditions.

Will I still have power if there is bad weather?

Solar panels will still produce energy on a cloudy or foggy day. In addition, solar panel systems often generate excess power during the summer months that can be used during the winter. We also work with Generac generators to help keep you up and running.

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