Solar Panels in Springfield, Illinois

It's a Great Time to Go Solar


Springfield is now making strides towards a brighter and cooler future! Headline Solar invites you to join in their mission to revolutionize the city through solar renewable energy. Say goodbye to those pesky electricity bills - Springfield homeowners can now switch effortlessly over from conventional sources and embrace an eco-friendlier lifestyle with reliable, unlimited access to solar power!

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Renewable Energy

Benefits of Solar Ownership in Springfield, Illinois

  • Reduce your carbon footprint for generations to come
  • You own the system, you take advantage of all incentives
  • 25 Year Warranty on Parts, Labor and Performance
  • Increase Your Home Value, 100% Waived from Property Taxes
  • Turn Your Roof into a Revenue Producing Asset
  • Federal Solar Tax Credit

Springfield, Illinois Solar Incentives

Springfield homeowners and business owners have an incredible opportunity to make a big change - one that can help reduce the burden on our energy grid and fight against global warming. The state government has made this shift easier than ever through tax and cash rebates for solar panel installation and payment plans supported by financial institutions, so it's not just feasible but even accessible!

Property Tax Exemption

Springfield homeowners and other property owners can now reduce their property taxes while investing in renewable energy! Headline Solar offers the highest quality solar components with low maintenance requirements, so you don't have to worry about a thing. Take advantage of this amazing offer and get ready to benefit from all that clean power has to offer.

Net Metering

Going solar with electric utilities companies gives you multiple benefits! Stop paying for electricity and start earning from it. Once the solar panels are installed, net metering charges will reduce to minimal service fees without any units of energy being used. Plus, sell back the extra power your system is making and get paid! Switching to sustainable solutions has never been so rewarding…

Solar Rights Laws

As states across the nation are embracing solar rights, Illinois stands out for offering particularly attractive incentives to residents seeking installation of solar panels. Exciting rebates and generous tax cuts make it easier than ever before for people to tap into clean energy!

Take Control of Your Energy

Enjoy the freedom of owning your energy system.

Help the environment and lower your energy bills by joining the solar revolution today!

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What kind of financial solutions do we have for solar panel installation?

Going solar is no longer a financial burden - it's an investment in the future! Through our elite partnerships with banks and financial institutions, we offer easy financing options so that any homeowner can make their dreams of renewable energy come true. With manageable payment plans and low interest rates, you'll be surprised at how affordable going green really is.

Will the solar panels still work on a rainy day?

Our solar panels are designed to maximize efficiency, utilizing photosensitivity and providing electricity on even the most inclement days. Additionally, by pairing your purchase with a reliable battery storage solution you can rest assured that your power needs will be met without disruption - no matter what mother nature sends our way!

How long does it take to break even on the installation cost with the electricity savings from solar?

Going solar is an incredibly lucrative investment. With the electricity savings and payments from net metering on your bill, consumers can make back their installation cost remarkably fast - usually within two to four years! Solar panels are a reliable way to reduce bills quickly while enjoying all of the long-term benefits that accompany owning renewable energy systems.