About Headline Solar

“Most plentiful, accessible, and least expensive power source in the world.”― Danny Kennedy, Rooftop Revolution: How Solar Power Can Save Our Economy-And Our Planet-From Dirty Energy

Headline Solar was formed out of a passion for long-term impact, advanced technology, sustainable environmentalism, and most importantly for helping impact local communities. These driving forces have made us the Fastest Growing Residential Solar Company in Chicago, all of Illinois, and the entire Midwest.
Why Are We the Fastest Growing?
We put our customers first.

Through utilizing education, constantly evolving customer service systems, and the latest technologies, we're able to consistently provide our customers with not only benefits, but a great experience during every step of the solar installation progress that will leave a lasting memory.

In-Depth Solar and Benefits Education

Connect You With our Top Tier Financing Options

Clean Installation

Post-Installation Check-Ins

Why Choose Headline?

If you find yourself asking "why should I choose Headline Solar for my new solar panel system," then look no further than here.

As we mentioned above, Headline prides itself in being customer centric based. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

In practical terms that means we don't just focus on trying to sell you a system and then disappearing, we focus instead on providing a solution that will fit your specific needs perfectly, in the most affordable fashion.

We make it a priority to educate you on your potential benefits, connect you with our top tier financing options, provide a high quality and quick installation, leave your property how it was when we arrived, and continue to check in on you and your system after we're done. Our relationship with you is the most important thing we have.

Meet Our Team

Jared Mckenzie
Kevin Gillespie