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How Solar Works

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Solar panels are installed on your roof and use the sun's rays to create energy. That energy is then sent into a Solar Inverter.

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The type of energy created by solar panels is called Direct Current, or DC. A Solar Inverter takes that DC energy and turns it into the energy your home can use, which is called Alternating Current, or AC.

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The AC energy the Solar Inverter created is then sent to your home's main Electric Panel. The energy is then sent into your home and powers all of your lights, appliances and anything plugged into an electrical outlet.

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A Solar Power Meter keeps track of the energy needed to run your home. When you generate more power than you need, that excess power is sent back into the Energy Grid to use at a later time.

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The Energy Grid is the traditional power delivery system for your home. Excess power you create from your Solar Panels is stored here and then sent back to your home when you need it, such as at night time or during low sunlight times of the year.

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