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It's a Great Time to Go Solar


Headline Solar in Arlington is your ticket to a greener lifestyle and an energy-free future. By installing solar panels, you can make the switch from using electricity provided by government grids to powering your home with clean, renewable sources - all while cutting down on hefty bills! Make one small decision now for better results later: invest in a brighter planet today.

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Renewable Energy

Why Headline Solar?

We don't just give you the tools to make the switch, we offer guidance as well. We seek to empower our consumers with knowledge of how solar energy can benefit them and provide insight into effective ways of transitioning towards it.

Moreover, the rebates and incentives that the state governments offer to the consumers are also among the main aspects you can learn from us. With over 200 days of solar energy in Texas, you will receive maximum results from your solar panel system, making it an incredibly smart decision.

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Renewable Energy

Benefits of Shifting to Solar in Arlington

  • Reduce your carbon footprint for generations to come
  • You own the system, you take advantage of all incentives
  • 25 Year Warranty on Parts, Labor and Performance
  • Increase Your Home Value, 100% Waived from Property Taxes
  • Turn Your Roof into a Revenue Producing Asset
  • Federal Solar Tax Credit

Tax Incentives in Arlington, TX

The federal government is offering multiple incentives to encourage individuals to install solar panels on their homes, including a 30% tax credit, exemption on property values and the ability for you to be paid back when your system produces excess electricity. Get energy-savvy now with these generous incentive programs!

To learn more about these incentives in Arlington, Texas, you should contact Headline Solar. We’ll help you understand the process, its personalized benefits, and all other aspects associated with solar panel installation.

Addition in Home Value:

The State of Texas offers rebates and incentives for solar panel owners, and you can take advantage of all of them. Moreover, your property tax in Texas will be lower, along with an increase in property value. So, you’ll get not only short-term monetary benefits but long-term monetary benefits too.

Take Control of Your Energy

Enjoy the freedom of owning your energy system.

Help the environment and lower your energy bills by joining the solar revolution today!

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What’s the cost of solar panels in Arlington, Texas?

An installation of 5KW in Arlington, Texas, will require you to spend $11,305 to $15,295. You can expect the per-watt cost to be $2.66/W.

Is there a specialized maintenance routine for solar panels?

The Solar panels require little to no maintenance in the Arlington area. You can get the complete details about their upkeep from our representative.