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It's a Great Time to Go Solar


Headline Solar is making a grand entrance in Dallas, offering electricity users an economical and guilt-free option to power their homes! With safe, budget-friendly options for both residential and commercial consumers alike on the horizon, now's the time to revolutionize your energy consumption.

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Renewable Energy

Expect best quality from us

Headline Solar: The Bright Choice for a Greener Future. Make the move to natural energy and brighten up your home or workspace with power from the sun! Our high-quality products and expert installation techniques ensure maximum efficiency, reduced carbon footprint, and heat-free convenience.

With the increasing use of renewable energy, we are paving a brighter path for generations to come. Thanks to recent tax reductions on solar panels and installation by both the government and state, making the switch away from traditional electricity has never been easier - allowing us all to play our part in protecting our planet's future health.

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Renewable Energy

Benefits of Solar Ownership in Illinois

  • Reduce your carbon footprint for generations to come
  • You own the system, you take advantage of all incentives
  • 25 Year Warranty on Parts, Labor and Performance
  • Increase Your Home Value, 100% Waived from Property Taxes
  • Turn Your Roof into a Revenue Producing Asset
  • Federal Solar Tax Credit

Other Benefits of Solar Panels in Dallas, TX

Change your lifestyle for the better by transitioning to solar energy. The state of Texas has a number of incentives which help reduce property taxes and provide tax credits: save money while reducing your carbon footprint!

With your rooftop generating energy, you can now get the maximum benefit from net metering! This allows for a credit to be applied to your electricity bill when surplus solar power is sold back into the grid. It's an exciting opportunity that will enable long-term savings and sustainability success!

Save up on Taxes

Dallas is paving the way for a greener future! Residents of Dallas can now benefit from Texas' generous rebate and reduced taxes upon installation when they invest in solar panels. Not only will this high-end technology be cost effective, but it also presents a sustainable solution to using electricity that heats our atmosphere. Investing in green energy has never been easier or more accessible than with these amazing offers available right here at home!

While there are numerous financial institutions that will help you pay for the installation in installments, you will be enjoying various cuts on property tax, installation tax, and sales tax.

Take Control of Your Energy

Enjoy the freedom of owning your energy system.

Help the environment and lower your energy bills by joining the solar revolution today!

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How Much Does Solar Panel Installation Cost in Dallas, TX?

Maximize your savings with Headline Solar! With our generous discounts and easy installment plans, you can get premium-grade solar panels installed for $10,000 or less - even after taking advantage of available tax rebates.

Can I install solar panels and disconnect from the grid completely?

No, you will need the grid for some time until your production of energy matches the house consumption. However, by this time net metering will be an attractive offer to sell some of the energy back to the grid! Or, if you pair a battery storage system with your solar panels you can still use the energy produced during a grid outage by using the stored electricity from the battery.

Will I have to clean the Solar Panels?

Solar panels from our brand are high-quality and do not require any cleaning or maintenance work. In addition, the 25-year warranty covers up any workmanship damage that comes up in the future.