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It's a Great Time to Go Solar


Did you know El Paso has impressive clean and green energy potential? You can install your own solar panels in the area and enjoy the reduction in the energy bills and a massive increase in your home value. Headline Solar is here to assist you.

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Renewable Energy

Why is Solar Trending?

It's a sustainable initiative that can provide users with energy without adding to their carbon footprint. Even the incentives provided by the government play a crucial role in the massive shifting of the trends from traditional to solar energy. Besides, the cost benefits in terms of usage that continue for years to come also entice the El Pasoan's.

Texas is known as a sunny state for at least 2/3rds of the year, making it perfect for installing solar. So, you can expect higher sunshine, more energy, and thus lower electricity bills.

Headline Solar services the El Paso area, providing high-quality solar panels with efficient installation times and complete support. You should contact us and get your solar panels now!

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Renewable Energy

Benefits of Solar Ownership in Illinois

  • Reduce your carbon footprint for generations to come
  • You own the system, you take advantage of all incentives
  • 25 Year Warranty on Parts, Labor and Performance
  • Increase Your Home Value, 100% Waived from Property Taxes
  • Turn Your Roof into a Revenue Producing Asset
  • Federal Solar Tax Credit

Tax Incentives in El Paso, TX

Texas incentivizes its residents by not levying any extra property tax on the increase in the home value (yes, that’s a benefit too; more about it in a minute). So, you can pocket all the benefits of the reduced electricity cost. You can also claim a tax credit for installing solar panels in Texas, as a homeowner.

As a commercial building owner, a 30% tax credit is allowed to you on the installation, development, or financing of solar projects.

Addition in Home Value:

Be ready for a massive increase in your home’s value. You should expect approximately a $3 increase per watt of the solar panel system capacity. Multiply the overall capacity by 3 and you will get an estimated increase in your house’s value.

Take Control of Your Energy

Enjoy the freedom of owning your energy system.

Help the environment and lower your energy bills by joining the solar revolution today!

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Should I install solar panels in El Paso?

Yes, why not? Being a sunny area and a high electricity user to the national grid, El Paso, Texas, is a fantastic place to use solar panels as your home energy source.

How much will installing solar panels cost in El Paso?

Our high-quality panels start at $11000, with easy installment plans available to help residential customers and medium businesses alike. Get in touch now to find out more - going green has never been this straightforward or budget friendly!